To old times and new beginnings...

Hello Makers!

It’s been a great journey building Mark1 for you. We’re so honored to be able to serve you. Every feedback and every review helped us make better. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Today, we’re standing at the crossroads of a new path and are looking to build the next big thing. We’re super nostalgic yet excited. We’ll share what we’re up to in the times to come. Hopefully you’ll find what we build next awesome too! But this is not that blog.

To build our next product, we need all the focus and good luck we can. Owing to this, we will no longer be making new CREO Mark1 devices or releasing any software updates.

But we’re here for you and we will uphold all warranty and guarantees as applicable from the date of purchase. 

The customer helpline, the CREO Facebook page and Twitter handles will also be available until 1st March 2018.