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We make smart products for a smarter living. At CREO, we believe in the power of connected experiences and build products designed for seamless convergence.


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Experts at work


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Starting up

In the summer of 2014, we - a bunch of engineers, were seized with a crazy idea that made us chuck our cushy corporate gigs. The idea stemmed from the realization that hardware companies did everything to sell products but alienated the user when it came to ease of experience. We thought: why not envisage a galaxy of connected products tailored for our hyper-connected generation? Such were our simple origins.

Revving the engine

The idea transformed into a plan, the plan blossomed into a prototype, and our first product, Teewe, a wireless HDMI dongle that converts any TV into a smart TV, came out in September 2014 to rave reviews. An improved Teewe 2 was launched in May 2015 after integrating user feedback and adding fresh features. Currently, about 50,000 families across India are experiencing the freedom to stream their favorite media on Teewe.

Charging ahead

Driven by an urge to build an ecosystem of connected products that provided a Better user experience by placing the user's choices ahead of everything, we turned our attention towards smartphones. In the current market, while hardware was getting better very fast, there was not enough innovation on the software front. We wanted to be the ones bridging that gap. To address this, we envisioned a phone where software and hardware coalesces to form an organic whole.

Making a Mark

We threw all our energies into making Mark 1, a smartphone loaded with features no one thought Android could ever have. A smartphone that renews its freshness every month. Mark 1 was made to empower the users with the ability to shape the Android experience of the future. We pride ourselves on the fact that our users are the Makers of our product. Though this journey of Making has been a steep one, this was just the beginning.

transistor pcb teewe

Our Team

Sai Srinivas


Sai comes from a gaming background and has worked in Zynga and Bharti SoftBank. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early, he started his first company while pursuing his B.Tech. in Aeronautics at IIT Kanpur.

Shubham Malhotra


Shubham is the in-house tech junkie and an avid maker. He comes with a rich experience of building strong engineering teams at Capillary Technologies and Tiny Mogul Games, a Bharti SoftBank Company. He holds a B.Tech. in Electronics and Instrumentation from BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.

Rachit Rastogi


Rachit holds a Master's in Chemistry from IIT Kanpur but his heart favoured design. He has spent most of his professional life designing content and served as lead UI developer and product manager at Bharti SoftBank.

Come, join us

If you live by the same passion of Making products as we do, we'd love to have you on board. We are looking for driven individuals to share our workspace with. Making is our religion, prophecies are for the taking.


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