Love making things? You'll fit right in

Here is a place that values your passion for Making Better technology, no matter how crazy the idea. Actually, we kind of long for crazy ideas.


Work to make ideas better

Working at CREO is all about the freedom to put ideas into action. You don't just work here, you pick between seeking help for your own ideas or helping others put their ideas into action. Your enthusiasm prepares you for a fast growth-oriented career, one that is flanked by an equally enthusiastic team you will love working with.

Purposeful Makers

Purposed with building a world of connected devices. We like to build smart products for a smarter living.

Fearless Innovators

Untouched by the vices that come with fear of failure. We are anew with our ideas.

Technology Lovers

Our love for technology is paramount and nothing makes us more happy than seeing our products working well.

At CREO, you can find people with with a variety of interests ranging from TV shows, music, beer to even fashion. It's often said that you are the average of 5 people you spend most of your time with. If that's true, this might be the best place to work in the country.

Challenging work, ambitious goals and people with a super charged work atmosphere focusing on getting things done. Where else can I wear shorts and still be taken seriously?

Insane ideas, high energy and uniquely talented folks; that’s what defines the team at CREO. Learning is a never ending process and the team always brings unique and great perspectives to the table, which helps you to take your work to the next level.

At CREO, I personally take pride in living the true definition of experience design - solving problems to make something better. In the current startup ecosystem, such a philosophy is really difficult to come by. I have always been excited about the work we do because we do not shy away from the big problems; we rather face them head on!

I like the fact that at CREO, developers are free to experiment and arrive at the end result in whatever way they want. Flexible timings and WFHs add to your ease so that you can focus on your thought process while maintaining a work-life balance.


VP - Product and Growth


Open Positions

Mobile UI/UX Designer

We’re looking for an enthusiastic mobile UI/UX designer on our journey towards building innovative features and experiences for Fuel OS.

What does the role provide you with?


  • Complete design ownership of the projects you get to work on.
  • Chance to grapple with OS level features which leads to new challenges in interaction design and information architecture.
  • A brilliant team of product managers, designers and developers who have never shied away from a challenge.
  • An experimental ambience – we love learning by experimentation and we do it quick. We have a soft corner for people who have a ‘How about we try this’ attitude.
  • Flexible work hours – A relaxed mind is an innovative mind.
  • Single office – all stakeholders of any project are located at just an arm length away from you. Thats communication and ideation really at it’s best.
  • Top of the industry salary – we truly value good talent and if you understand what a good design process is and how it can be built, we definitely want to talk to you.

What we expect you to have?


  • An eye for detailed user flows and cases – instead of mockups, we believe in designing the journeys of a user through a feature. Your designs should express such thinking.
  • Experience with mobile design – since our primary product is an Android based OS, it’s necessary for every applicant to have some experience in designing mobile apps and a clear understanding of Material design guidelines.
  • Experience of pushing a product to production and into the hands of the user – extra bonus points if you have worked closely with developers in making a product live.
  • Proficiency in popular industry tools – You must have prior experience using Sketch or Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop. Knowledge of prototyping tools like FramerJS is a bonus
  • An “I’ll figure it out” approach over an “I’ve never done this before” – Delivering new features on an OS needs an out of the box approach which is very different from designing apps

If you are interested, do drop a mail with your resume and portfolio to with “UI/UX Designer” as the subject line.

Product Analyst

We are looking for a Product Analyst to fuel our data-driven approach towards making beautiful products.


This role is for you if you are :


  • Able to identify the right problem and break it down into smaller pieces.
  • In love with numbers and the patterns hidden in them.
  • Fascinated by the best ways to visualize the data.
  • An Excel and SQL ninja who doesn’t fear adopting newer tools.
  • Great at conducting A / B testing experiments so as to recommend next steps for the product or validate a hypothesis.
  • In the “I will figure out” Vs. the “I have never done this before” category.
  • Experience in implementing statistical techniques and building intelligent systems is a good to have.

Please get drop us a mail at with your resumes and ‘Product Analyst’ as subject line.

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