Fuel OS makes Android Better.

We all love Android. Inspired by its openness, we are building Fuel OS that constantly evolves by making features you thought your phone could never have. Now guess who's making it - you, the Maker!











Lightning fast search on CREO Mark 1

Sense: Lightning fast search

You get to anything on your phone in 2 steps or less; whether it's whatsapping a phonebook contact, an app or that song you downloaded the other day. Type what you want and Sense will find you a way to get there quicker. Go from hungry to pizza in 2 steps or less.

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Never lose your CREO Mark 1

Never lose your Mark 1

The Retriever is foolproof in detecting theft. It automatically triggers alerts to your Email ID. anytime a new SIM is inserted in your Mark 1. The best part: it works without an active internet connection and even after a factory reset. If it's unstealable, it's yours forever.

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Never miss a call on CREO Mark 1
Never miss a call on CREO Mark 1

Echo: Never miss a call

Echo answers your calls for you when you can't. Don't send that "In a meeting, call you later" text to people you care about; let Echo answer your calls with a personalized greeting in your own voice. Your new personal assistant, Echo answers calls in 6 different languages and works without Internet.

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Lightning fast search on CREO Mark 1

Audio Effects:
Make Audio Better

Introducing the best thing to happen to music lovers on FUEL OS so far. Along with a 10 Band equalizer, Audio Effects gives you Reverberation, Surround, Gain control, Bass boost and many other advanced settings to enhance the sound on your videos, games or songs. Double tap the home button on your phone and type Audio Effects to Fuel your music.

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Lightning fast search on CREO Mark 1

Data Manager: Take charge of mobile data

Stop apps from using cellular data when you are not using them. With Data Manager watching your back, there's no more waking up to an exhausted Internet data balance.

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Clean SPAM-Free messaging inbox on CREO Mark 1

A light & quick photo editor

Edit your photos in a jiffy with Enhance - the new default photo editor on CREO Mark 1. Make your pictures better by re-touching, cropping, tuning or applying filters with Enhance.

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Stays new,

Monthly updates for CREO Mark 1

With monthly updates that improve phone performance and add exciting new features, FUEL OS brings you a new phone every month.

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Monthly updates for CREO Mark 1

Monthly updates, fueled by you

With the most inclusive update process, FUEL OS is crafted by you, the Maker.

  • Choose Better

    Got an idea? Submit it in the reFUEL app and watch how your phone is all about features that you choose. Choosing yourself means choosing Better.

  • Know Better

    Know what each update brings you with detailed feature walk-throughs and videos. FUEL OS users always know better.

  • Make Better

    With fellow Users rating each update regularly, we have made installing Fuel OS updates as simple and trustworthy as installing apps. Together FUEL OS users make it better.

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  • Get notified, not spammed

    Mark 1 grants you control over the notifications you truly care about and allows you to block out spam.

  • Smart Roaming & Smart Forwarding

    A feature built especially for frequent travellers. Smart Roaming automatically makes sure your local SIM is set as default and Smart Forwarding auto-diverts calls made to an unavailable SIM.

  • Smart Gestures to do things smarter

    Mark 1 understands that sometimes you only have seconds to capture the perfect moment. Launch the camera app, turn on the flashlight or take a screenshot instantly using Smart Gestures.

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