This September: Easy Transfer. Everytime.

This September check out the reFuel app on your Mark 1 and find an easy way to backup and transfer files from your smartphone to your PC, using PC-Connect.

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Share photos, videos, music, files, documents and more between your Mark 1 and PC.

Connect Via
Wi-Fi & USB

Backup photos and

Quick Push files b/w
PC and Phone

Explore Phone and
SD card files

File Backup

Phone cameras are great for capturing moments and locking them in a picture or a video. But what good are they if you can't throw them on your desktop and revisit the memories? Or free-up the phone memory in a jiffy! Introducing Fuel PC-Connect. A one-click desktop suite to backup your photos, videos, music and downloads from your Mark 1 to your PC. Because your memories should be with you, wherever you are, forever.

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Quick Push

Your smartphone is so personal that it ends up carrying your pictures, videos, files, documents and so much more. Although you can do everything on a smartphone, we think you'd need them ahead and beyond. Right? Fuel Quick Push let's you do exactly that. Easily drag and drop files across your laptop/desktop and Mark 1. From photos to music to PDFs to .APK files, drag and drop them to your desktop. Keeping things accessible, should be easy.

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File Explorer

Where's that movie you've saved? Is it on your SD card or in a file folder on your smartphone? Don't stress about a tedious file hunt. With File Explorer, easily browse files saved on your smartphone/ SD card from your PC. You can be connected to your Laptop / PC over a USB connection or even Wi-Fi.

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Download Fuel PC-Connect for devices running OS X (Yosemite onwards) and Windows (7 onwards) for both 32 and 64 bit systems.

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