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Have a query?

What do I need to get started with Fuel PC-connect?

How to send files from my Mark 1 to my PC/Laptop?

How do I change my Wi-Fi router configuration?

Can I transfer files between two laptops?

What PC operating system does Fuel PC-connect support?

Will Fuel PC-connect work if my laptop and mobile are on different networks?

I am not able to connect with Fuel PC-Connect via USB

How do I setup my Mark 1 for first time usage?

What is Fuel OS?

What are some new / interesting features that Fuel OS introduces?

What is SIM smart slot?

What is Smart roaming ?

What is Smart forwarding?

How do I know if I am on the latest version of Fuel OS?

How do I update Fuel OS?

What is reFuel?

How do I suggest features?

What can I do on CREO Forum?

How are the suggestions picked?

How do I login to the Forum?

Why should I login to Forum using my Mark 1 primary Google ID?

What is Retriever?

Do I need to configure Retriever? How?

What to do in case my phone is stolen?

What to do in case my phone is lost but not stolen?

What is Echo? How does it improve on the existing calling experience?

Can I customize the message which the caller hears when I divert calls to Echo (answering machine)?

Can I disable Echo (answering machine)?

Can I customize the time after which an incoming call diverts to Echo (answering machine)?

What is new in CREO messages?

How can I make the most out of my camera?

How do I shoot a 4k video on Mark 1? What are the limitations

What smart gestures are supported by Mark 1?

How do I remove apps from my Mark 1?

how do I delete my browser history?

How do I take a screenshot?

How do I change the language on my Mark 1?

Can I remove the pre-installed apps on my Mark 1?

How do I quickly close running apps?

How long is warranty period on Mark 1 and accessories?

What all issues are covered under warranty?

What are the various things that will void my Mark 1 warranty?

I think I received a defective product. What should I do?

What is the product return policy on Mark 1?

What documents do I need to claim my warranty?

What should I do if I am dissatisfied with my CREO purchase?

Can I still return/exchange my product if I have lost the original invoice and documents?

How do I transfer ownership of my Mark 1 to someone else?

What is special about the Mark 1 display?

Does Mark 1 support multi-touch?

What type of SIM cards does Mark 1 support?

How much storage is available in Mark 1?

What kind of autofocus does Mark 1 use? How is it different than the conventional autofocus?

What exactly is ultra slow motion video recording? What are its restrictions?

How long does it take to charge Mark 1?

How long does Mark 1 battery last?

What kind of charger should you use for charging Mark 1?

What connectivity technologies does Mark 1 support?

What kind of sensors does Mark 1 have?

What kind of OTG support does Mark 1 have?

What comes in the Mark 1 box?

What is the SAR value of Mark 1?

I am facing issues. How do I contact CREO customer care?

I think my phone needs repair. What do I do?

Can I get the phone repaired myself?

How do I find the list of repair centers in my city?

How much do replacements cost?

What payment methods are accepted by CREO?

I gave my Mark 1 to a repair center on my own. What documents do I need to collect it?

What is pickup and drop service? How much does it cost?

How do I know if it is available in my area?

What documents do I need for pickup and drop service?

What happens in case my phone is broken/lost during pick-up and drop?

Does someone have to be home when the pickup guy comes?

What happens when the pickup guy is late?

What are the estimated turnaround times for repairs and replacements?

What happens if a repair job takes more time than expected?

I have dropped my Mark 1 for repair. How do I check the status?

I’m moving to another city. Can I still get service?

I’m dissatisfied with the repair/replacement. What can I do?

Where can I buy accessories and parts for my Mark 1?

My phone isn’t switching on. What can I do?

How do I perform a factory reset on my phone?

How do I find IMEI on my phone?

How do I find information about my phone?

I am not receiving any updates for Mark 1. What can I do?

I can’t receive voicemail through Echo in. What should I do?

I can’t send voicemail through Echo out. What should I do?

I sent an Echo out but the person I sent it to didn’t receive any voice messages?

I sent a voice message (Echo Out) to one of my contacts. They said that the voice message is expired.

There is some spam in my people inbox. What can I do?

Retriever has stopped sending new SIM alerts. What might be wrong?

Sense does not show some of music files in results. Why is that?

Sense search does not show my messages and emails in results. Why is that?

I can’t login to CREO Forums. What can I do?

I have run out of space on my Mark 1. What can I do?

I downloaded a file and now I cannot find it. What can I do?

I cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network. What can I do?

My Mark 1 won’t read my SD card. What can I do?

I cannot move some apps to the SD card. Why?

A particular app keeps freezing my phone. What can I do?

Some games (Apps) run slow on my Mark 1. what can I do?

My location on the map is sometimes inaccurate. What can I do?

I dropped my phone in water. What should I do?

The touchscreen on my Mark 1 is not working properly. What can I do?

How much would it cost if individual spare parts of my phone need to be replaced?

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